About Me

I fondly remember my paperback copy of HTML Goodies. Under its guidance, I built an assortment of static websites to host whatever my teenage heart desired. This was the year 2001, when inline styling was a given. I discovered a love for sculpting a website from scraps of code, building it piece by piece.

If I'd known then that I could make a career out of web development, I might have majored in Computer Science. Instead, my passion for human rights lead me to an undergrad degree in political science, followed by a master's in international studies. However, a federal hiring freeze prevented me from moving to Washington DC following graduation, and I found myself working a variety of office jobs while scrambling to "get my foot in the door." It was during this period that I co-founded a startup, Masspire LLC, with a friend and rediscovered my early enthusiasm for web development.

Of course, the "World Wide Web" has changed a great deal since 2001, but I've always had a love for learning. I set to work brushing up on my HTML and CSS, then moved on to studying JavaScript and programming in Java. My journey here has been circuitous, but as they say: better late than never.

Responsive Design

Building sites that gracefully degrade for the mobile web.

A RESTful Web

Following the principles of REST in all applications.


Staying current on the newest tech and minding the fads.


I'm passionate about web design and programming.

When I'm not coding, I can be found hiking any of Colorado's trails with my friends, or, in the winter, wading through banks of snowdrift. My other interests include heading a critique circle for speculative fiction writers, D&D, knitting, weight-lifting, and photography.